Bianca and Daniël


KEET booklet


KEET is a limited edition 4-color Riso booklet about the tiny, mobile home of Bianca Apostol (’91, RO), Daniel Vernooij (’90, NL) and Dok, the dog (’13, SK). KEET has been located at Sprundelsebaan 60 – A squatted historical monument farm in Breda (NL), a small plot of forest in Etten-Leur (NL), Simon and Sanne’s farm in Galder (NL), Verbeke Foundation – art museum in Kemzeke (BE), DOK in Ghent (BE) and KASK School of Arts, Gent (BE)

Text & images: Bianca Apostol
Layout & Riso print: Topo Copy
Published by Topo Copy — june 2015
Limited Edition /100
Photo’s: © Michiel Devijver


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